"Mi cocina es italiana hecha con el alma,
de tradición y de mercado"


"The ingredients are the star of our menu and it changes continuously depending on what is available at the market. Once we accept what the market has to offer, we begin creating: Our dishes are not your usual food, discounted, copied or fashionable. These are dishes that stem from thought, from searching and from spending time experimenting.
There is a lot of work behind the scenes in order to present the public with a menu that has its own style, its own identity." When we talk about style and identity we must necessarily mention tradition: "I don't do traditional cuisine, that is a different style." Mine is a cuisine based on tradition, but to me tradition is the creativity of the past, the basis for working on the modern, which is a creative thought focused on the future.

The Team
The Team

A carefully chosen Italian-Spanish team, ambitious, enthusiastic and innovative, who are ready to impress our clients. The kitchen and the dining-room interact with energy and passion, creating a cozy family atmosphere.